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Sarah Ball Allis Art Museum

A celebration of artmaking and feminism

January 26, 2023 – June 11, 2023

The “Sarah Ball Allis Art Museum” presents its collection as though Sarah were actively collecting today. Guest curator and contributing artist Kate E. Schaffer blends the work of regional and international women, femme and non-binary artists with the Allis’ historic art collection to underscore feminism as an important theoretical and practical approach to living and artmaking. And, in temporarily renaming the museum, Schaffer emphatically amends the history of the home, the collection and Sarah herself.
Visitors to Sarah’s museum will experience immersive installations, timeless landscapes, speculative abstractions, industrious fiber works and everyday artifacts.

Featuring works by contemporary artists — including Michelle Grabner, D. Denenge Duyst-Akpem, Vaughen Larsen — this collection reinforces the domestic nature of the museum and the cultural influence of Sarah’s legacy.

On view Jan. 26 - June 11, 2023, the “Sarah Ball Allis Art Museum” is a feminist critique of art and society like no other. 

Artists Featured:

Stephanie Barenz
Kelli Black
Loretta Bourque
Jennifer Chadwick
Alissa Chanin-Kolaj
Pia Cruzalegui
D. Denenge Duyst-Akpem
Melissa Dorn
Michelle Grabner
Vaughan Larsen
Eleanor Neal
Kate E. Schaffer
Denise M. Schanz
Artemis Sidikman
Valeria Tatera
Renee Valenti
Molly Zuckerman-Hartung
Julie M. Zappone
The Everyday Feminist







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